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Lent Newsletter 2016

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Welcome to Poterion

Fair Trade Communion Wine

W h i t e b r i d g e  W i n e s

What is Poterion Fair Trade?

Poterion is the world’s first Fair Trade Communion Wine that we have created together with one of South Africa’s leading Fair Trade wine estates, Stellar. The wine is made in two styles: a deep Red made from the noble Cabernet Sauvignon grape, and a golden Amber made from Muscat grapes, all of which are grown in Stellar’s vineyards in the Olifants River region of the Western Cape. Both are lightly fortified to 15% alcohol to give the wine longevity and have enhanced natural grape sugars to give them a balancing sweetness similar to a port. Both are also organic and vegetarian.

Lorraine Vaaltyn

Who are we?

Whitebridge Wines Ltd is an independent family- owned wine shipper set up in 1984. Founded by Francis Peel, an Oxford theology graduate, the company ships wine from all over the world direct to our 7000 sq ft warehouse in Stone in Staffordshire.

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Our aims

Our aim is to provide churches around the country with an ethically sourced,  well made, and high quality Communion Wine. By shipping the wine direct from the vineyard to our warehouse, we are able to bring this unique product to you at an extremely competitive price. We are also shipping a range of red white and rosé wine from the Los Troncos Fair Trade co-operative in Chile, allowing you the chance to source all your Fair Trade wine requirements from a single point.

Stellar workers

Our service

You should receive your wine within three working days of order. Any delay,and you will be contacted.

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Canon Law

We have been asked by some customers what makes a wine a communion wine,
for those of you who are interested please click here

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Fair for Life

For more information about Fair for life please click here


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Last updated March 12th 2016