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Canon Law

Canon Law – Church of England:

'B 17 Of bread and wine for the Holy Communion

  1. The church wardens of every parish, with the advice and direction of the minister, shall provide a sufficient quantity of bread and wine for the number of communicants that shall from time to time receive the same.
  2. The bread, whether leavened or unleavened, shall be of the best and purest wheat flour that conveniently may be gotten, and the wine the fermented juice of the grape, good and wholesome.
  3. The bread shall be brought to the communion table in a paten or convenient box and the wine in a convenient cruet or flagon.'

The Canons of the Church of England, Canons Ecclesiastical promulged by the Convocations of Canterbury and York in 1964 and 1969 and by the General Synod of the Church of England from 1970

Canon Law – Roman Catholic Church

Canon 924, Article 3: The Rites and Ceremonies of the Eucharistic Celebration

  1. The most holy Sacrifice of the Eucharist must be celebrated in bread, and in wine to which a small quantity of water is to be added.
  2. The bread must be wheaten only and recently made, so that there is no danger of corruption.
  3. The wine must be natural, made from grapes of the vine, and not corrupt.'

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