10th Anniversary Newsletter Trinity – 2019

Amazingly it is the 10th anniversary of our first shipment from South Africa of Poterion Fair Trade Communion Wine. From a standing start, we have now shipped over 400,000 bottles creating a substantial benefit to the 350 workers at Stellar Organics in the Northern Cape. Thank you all for your support over the last decade and may we together go on bringing a better life to the workers and their families. Francis Peel The Wines Poterion Fair Trade Red Communion Wine: the red wine is made from the Ruby Cabernet grape. Poterion Fair Trade Pale Communion Wine: the pale wine is made from a blend of Chenin Blanc and Muscat grapes. Both wines have the same sweetness as port so will last for several months once opened. (Poterion is the New Testament Greek word for cup) Workers’ Children in the Stellar Primary School The Stellar workforce benefits directly from sales of fairlytraded wine and grapes. The Stellar Empowerment Trust (SET) is the organisation that manages the income derived from Fair Trade sales and serves as a forum for workers to identify their needs. This is done through the democratically elected Joint Body, the executive arm of the Trust. SET is the owner of a 26% shareholding in the winery and the workers are the Trust’s beneficiaries. Development projects designed to improve the quality of workers’ lives and benefit surrounding communities are managed by the non-profit Stellar Foundation. The Foundation serves as the entity through which all social responsibility activities of the Stellar group of companies takes place. For more information: www.stellarorganics.co.za/community Our Community The Duck Team! In keeping with Stellar’s organic status, Indian Runner Ducks are used in the vineyard as a natural way to keep snails and other pests that destroy the grapes at bay. The ducks are a vital part of our organic programme. The ducklings are hand-reared until they are released into the vineyards to do what ducks do best- eat snails!